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CSI Government Solutions, LLC offers the full scope of products, technologies and services of its parent company Communications Specialists, Inc. to our state and federal customers. Established as a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) as defined by Section 101 (16) of Title 38, U.S. Code, CSI Government Solutions, LLC provides effective solutions to our customers while also enabling them to meet their 3% procurement goal for contracts and subcontracts to SDV-owned firms. For more information, please contact us at (804) 559-4274.



Government Solutions Partners

CSI-Government Solutions has formally teamed with the following companies:



Government Case Studies

Government National Grounds Intelligent Center ULC1 Facility, Charlottesville, Virginia

CSI was selected to provide integrated communications for this facility, including providing AMP MPO Secure products for fiber to the desktop solutions. Solutions included AV cabling, Analog and IP Phone Copper Cabling, and OSP Fiber and Copper Cabling Systems Integration.





Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia

CSI Government Solutions was selected to provide integrated communications for this government facility. The solutions that were provided consisted of a Camera Observation Replacement/Relocation, as well as system upgrades. These Camera Observation Systems are similar to Internet-Based Distance Education in that they are strategically located in a training location that is broadcast to other locations. The cameras that are replaced will be redeployed to another location within the facility for an additional service life.




CSI Government Solutions Global Colleague Litigation Support Division

In partnership with Global Colleague, CSI Government Solutions has formed a litigation support division to focus on sales, service and support for public and private corporations as well as federal, state and county agencies.  As a Certified SDVOSB, the Global Colleague Litigation Support Division of CSI Government Solutions provides the following services:

Legal-Project Management/ Engineering
Electronic-Discovery Solutions & Processing
Autonomy Introspect as a Service
Document Hosting/Review/Production
Managed Discovery Using Corporation’s E-discovery Infrastructure
Matter and Legal-Hold Management
Search and Early Case Assessment
Rapid Investigatory Reviews
Processing, Review, and Production

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